What is heart disease and heart conditions in dogs?
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Heart disease is a very critical disease found in dogs.As heart is the most important part of the body as it circulates blood throughout the body so proper functioning of heart is very important and if problem takes place in heart then its need to be cured asap.Most heart problems results in an in effective pumping of blood.This results in the build up of fluid in the chest and abdomen.Heart diseases affects the body in two ways : one affecting
the heart valve and the other heart muscle.

The two main heart conditions are :

1) Chronic Valvular Disease : A leaking heart valve reduces the quantity of blood that can be pumped around the body.
2) Myocardial Disease : In this condition, weakness or thickening of the heart muscle results in the heart pumping less efficiently.

Causes of heart disease?

Though there is not any specific reason of heart diseases but there are certain factors which need to be take care of :

1) Body condition : Overweight dogs are more likely to develop heart disease.

2) Age of dogs : Increasing age is also the cause of various heart diseases.

3) Breed of dogs : In dogs, chronic valvular disease is more common in small breeds such as miniature poodles, cocker spaniels, Pomeranians and schnauzers.

The following symptoms may indicate a heart problem in your dog.

1) Reduced appetite .
2) Tired, lack of energy.
3) Frequent coughing. 
4) Breathing difficulties that include shortness of breath.
5) Reduced ability to exercise.
6) Fainting or collapsing.
7) Swelling in the abdomen.

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