Diseases in dogs
  DATE : 10/28/2014                                              POST BY : Kuldeep 0 Comments

In recent years it has been found that the health of dogs is declining very rapidly.Dogs are getting various kind of severe diseases and are living shorter lives.Clearly there is something which is behind all this and dogs are suffering by leading shorter lives.

Two main reason behind all this are seems to be :

1) Diet : Dogs are omnivores by nature.Every dog has different types of requirements for its proper growth and if the dog in not feeded according to its requirement then it may fall prey to various kind of diseases.While feeding 
the dog various food products you should keep in mind the instructions given on the back side of almost every food product.Always try to buy the quality food products.

2)Approach of veterinaries towards various diseases : Veterinary colleges do not provide training in nutrition and thus this becomes the main reason that they sometimes missed the main reason behind the dog disease and the disease in turn becomes severe and may result in loss of life for the dog.If the proper care of health of the dog is not taken then it will be very difficult for him to lead a longer and healthier life.

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