Preventing Dog Bites in Children
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We hear almost daily about he dog bites.So is there any way to prevent dog bites?A study by Beck done in 1975 indicated that 87% of biting dogs are intact males and most dogs bites occur in or near the victims home. Another study by Sacks in 1989 indicated that 70% of the children that were killed by dogs were under the age of 10 and 22% were under the age of one year with 7% being sleeping infants.

What should be kept in  mind to prevent dog bites in children ?

1) You should NEVER disturb any dog who is sleeping, eating, or caring for puppies.
2) Youshould NEVER approach a strange dog you don't know or a dog who is not with his owner.
3) Children must always ASK PERMISSION from the owner and their parents BEFORE petting any dog.
4) If a dog attacks, "feed" him your jacket, a school book, a bicycle, or anything else that you can get between you and the dog.
5) Do not chase after dogs.
6) If a dog approaches you remain calm and motionless. Keep your hands at your side. Speak with a soothing voice.
7) Always ask the owner of a dog if it is OK to pet their dog.
8) If you are in the area of a stray dog - leave that area.
9) Do not scream and be loud around dog.
10) If a dog is injured do not touch or try and help it. Go get an adult.

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