Raising Two Pups at a Time: Why It's a Bad Idea !
  DATE : 10/28/2014                                              POST BY : Hansika 0 Comments

It is a most frequent questions  that comes in pet lovers mind that is this a better ideas to raise two puppies at a same time simultaneously. The.The answer is obviously "NO!!! It's not a good idea!!!".There are various reasons for not doing so , some of them are :

1) Rasing two pups at a time means that you surely would only be able to give half attention to the pup as needed by it.If there will be two pups you need to take care of both of them ansd it is surely not a easy task.
2) If you would try to raise two pups together then there is a chance that they become the best buddies and none of them makes a bond with as you have dream of.
3) The training of dogs will be a difficult process as they do not have a strong human bond and will keeep itself more engaged with its own buddy.

Therefore the best way is to raise a single pup at a time and when it gets matured then try to bring another member to the family so that they get all kind of attention which is needed for them during the initial stage.

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