Dealing with the Aggressive Dog
  DATE : 10/28/2014                                              POST BY : Umesh 0 Comments

Some dogs are really aggressive by nature.It is very difficult to deal with such kind of dogs as one can never guess in what kind of mood they are right now.They can attack anyone,anywhere and any time so they are needed
to be take extra attention and extra care.There are various facts about dog attacks ,lets have a look at them :

1) 90% of dog bites happen to people who were well known to dogs.
2) In most of the bites dogs are a family pet.
3) 60% to 70% of dog bites are to children or the elderly
4) 1/2 of the claims made on home-owners insurance are dog bites claims
5) 40% of the bites to children result in loss of facial tissue (lips, cheek etc.)

Aggression in dogs can be categorised into :

1) Dominant Aggression
2) Territorial Aggression
3) Fear Aggression
4) Prey or predatorial aggression

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