Karlie Vinyl Spiney Ball Dog Toy 3.5 Inces

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Karlie Vinyl Spiney Ball Dog Toy 3.5 Inces

This toy ball is in shape of a rugby ball with spikes all over it therefore it is a wonderful toy for a pet to play with.It is interactive therefore the dog play with this toy continuously for hours.This toy is so addictive that the dog itself comes to play with it.It squeaks whenever the dog plays it and it comes in very vibrant colors.This toy can be used as for indoor games as well as outdoor games.There are some situations when we are too busy to give time to our pets in such a situation this toy is very useful as it can keep the dog engaged for a very long time and will let you do your own work.

1) It makes a squeaker sound whenever your dog plays with it.
2) It is completely nontoxic.
3) It is safe to use.
4) It is interactive as well as a self-play toy.

1) It is destructible.
2) It is ideal for only mini and small breeds.
3) It comes with no guarantee / warrantee .

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