Kiki Bird Food Budgerigars Deluxe 1kg

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Kiki Bird Food Budgerigars Deluxe 1kg

The Kiki Deluxe Budgerigar food may be a healthy mixture of quality seeds and grains that embody yellow, red and white millet, birdseed, hulled oats, aimiel corn, paniset along side the required minerals and alimentation granules that guarantee optimum health for all of your feathery friends.

Nutrient Components


Nutritional Values: Gross protein: 13.12%; Moisture: 11.59%; Gross fat: 4.71%; Gross fibre: 7.75%; Ashes: 2.65%; Calcium: 0.13%; Phosphorus: 0.18%; Sodium: 0.05%. Vitamin A: 1.017UI/100g; Vitamin D3: 1.906UI/100g.

Weight – 1 Kg

Suitable for – Budgerigar

Good for growth and general health. Rich in vitamins and minerals.

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