Group :
Hound dog breeds
Life :
11-15 years
Size :
Small size
Weight :
Male : 22–25 lb (10–11 kg) , Female : 20–23 lb (9–10 kg)
Color :
Tri-color, Chocolate Tri, White & Tan, Red & White, Brown & White, Lemon & White, Orange & White
Nature :
Gentle, Intelligent, Even Tempered, Determined, Amiable, Excitable
Height :
Male: 13–16 inches (33–41 cm)


The Beagle is a sturdy, hardy little hound dog that looks like a miniature Foxhound. The body is squarely-built while the skull is fairly long and slightly domed. The square muzzle is straight and medium in length. The large eyes are brown or hazel and are set well apart. The wide, pendant ears are low set and long. The black nose is broad with full nostrils. The feet are round and firm. The tail is set moderately high and never curled over the back. The coat is of medium length, close, hard, sleek and easy to care for. Any hound-type of coloring is acceptable including lemon, tricolor, black and tan, red and white, orange and white or lemon and white, blue tick and red tick. Beagles have a distinct howl / bay of a bark when they are on the hunt.



Nature : The Beagle is loving, sweet and gentle, happy to see everyone, greeting them with a wagging tail. It is sociable, brave and intelligent. The Beagle is excellent with children and generally good with other dogs, but because of its hunting instincts, should not be trusted with non-canine pets, unless socialized with cats and other household animals when young. Beagles have minds of their own. They are determined and watchful and require patient, firm training .The Beagle does not have a normal sounding bark, but rather a loud bay cry that almost sounds like a short howl. Beagles are curious and have a tendency to follow their noses.


Color : Beagles appear in a range of colors. Although the tricolour (white with large black areas and light brown shading) is the most common, Beagles can occur in any hound colour.


Height : The height of Beagle is about to be for males  13 - 16 inches (33 - 41cm) and for females  13 - 15 inches (33 - 38cm).