1_300yorkshire terrier.jpg
Group :
Life :
10-15 years.
Size :
Weight :
7 pounds (3.2 kg)
Color :
Black,tan,steel gray,silver
Nature :
The yorkshre terrier is highly energetic, brave, loyal and clever. With owners who take the time to understand how to treat the small dog.
Height :
6 - 7 inches (15 - 17½ cm)


The Yorkshire Terrier is a favourite with people who prefer a very small dog. The Yorkshire Terrier is a small, toy-sized dog.The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, is a small yet energetic and brave breed of dog. They are great companion dogs that require little exercise to be fulfilled and are considered as a great watchdog as they will bark when they feel that something is not right. The small head is rather flat on the top, with a medium-sized muzzle. The teeth meet in a scissors or level bite. The nose is black. The medium-sized eyes.


Nature : The Yorkshire Terrier are very obilious in nature.They are very eager to adventure.Yorkie Terrier are easy to train and they are very loving to children because they are small in size.


Colour : The Yorkshire Terrier  have a variety of colors like black, tan, steel, gray, silver and many more.


Height : The height is around 6-7 inches.


Size : The Yorkshire Terrier are small in size and when they are less full grown are also called a teacup.